Monday, November 24, 2014

Winter On The Way

UPDATE (11/26 @8:30am): There's a Winter Storm Warning in effect from 9am today through 7am Thursday and we're now forecasted for anywhere between 4-12" inches of new snow by tomorrow morning. The map below has been updated to include these totals as well. Wax your skis and buy a season pass already!

We had a few inches of snow last week, and by "a few", I mean 7-10". Things are looking pretty great up here as we move toward the end of November and Opening Day (Dec. 13). As the average temperatures continue to plunge (supposed to be around 13 degrees on Friday) we should start to see more precipitation in the forecast as well.

Speaking of that, here's the latest forecast map for a storm that's been making its way across the continental US over the past few days. Looks like it's going to hit us Wednesday night through Thursday afternoon and it could be a big one, depending on how it tracks.

Looks like it's going to be a white Thanksgiving! 

UPDATE (11/26 @9am): has us pegged by name for at least 6-10" by Thursday morning. Wahoooooo!

It's looking more and more likely that we'll pick up AT LEAST 6" out of this storm, which would go a long way toward making Opening Day our best one yet. Keeps the snowmakers happy too. They're running guns on Sherman's Pass, Bear Run and Spring O' Pine. What it also means is the snow gods are as ready as we are to get winter up and running again. Keep an eye on the webcam this weekend. I'm always optimistic about a better winter when I see snowstorms on the horizon in November and December. Hopefully, they give us their full attention early-on and we'll have a great start to this season.

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