Friday, February 24, 2012


The word around Bolton Valley this morning is "snow". Snow started here at about 10:30am. It is forecast to snow until sometime on Saturday afternoon. We could pick up about a foot (or more) of new snow in the next 24 hours. You can check the webcam to watch it snow.  (Do you see how we're working in the word snow into every sentence?). With snow on the way, and at least 65 of 70 trails open for the weekend, we're set up for some of the best conditions of the season. Bottom line: Snow is good and snow is on the way this weekend. Enjoy the snow.

Friday, February 17, 2012

68 of 70 Trails. Nearly 100% Open

We picked up 2-3 inches of snow overnight at Bolton Valley. The snow line seemed to be at about 2000’ as I did not see any fresh snow on the access road until just above Timberline. We’re entering Presidents’ Weekend with 68 of 70 trails open on powder and  packed powder surfaces across the mountain.

The photo to the right was taken this morning. Here are a few links to photos that show what conditions are currently like from this morning and this past week. The video below was shot on Thursday.

Join us on Sunday night February 19th for a bonus night of night skiing. Lift tickets will be just $19  starting at 4pm on Sunday. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

$35 Lift Tickets and Timberline

We've got a lot going on here today. It's ridiculously nice out with bluebird skies and temps in the 30s. Also, today is the season debut of Timberline. If you see a snowmaker, now would be a good time to give him a hug and a hearty "Thank you!" for their hard work. Without our snowmakeers we would not be skiing at Timberline this weekend.

We also just announced our latest lift ticket deal which were calling a "Lift Up Sale". It works pretty much like the Pop-Up sales we did back in January but the offsite sales locations locations are different and we'll be donating $3 from every $35 lift ticket that we sell to the Vermont Foodbank. Their buying power is incredible, they can turn $1 into six meals, no matter how many coupons I clip I have not been able to come close to that. Basically, every lift ticket we sell at this sale will buy 18 meals for someone in need. So, you'll be "lifting up" 18 people with every lift ticket you buy.

Friday, February 3, 2012

24 Hour Sale for $29 Lift Tickets

On Wednesday evening we announced our latest ticket promotion, the 24 Hour Sale. This sale is an opportunity to lock in a day of skiing or riding at Bolton for just $29, including weekends and holidays. You just choose the day you would like to ski, pay $29 for your lift ticket and you're set to go. We'll be posting a link on at 5pm on Monday February 6th. The link will only be active for 24 hours. Also, there are only 25 tickets available per day so log on early if you want to get a specific day.