Friday, February 10, 2012

$35 Lift Tickets and Timberline

We've got a lot going on here today. It's ridiculously nice out with bluebird skies and temps in the 30s. Also, today is the season debut of Timberline. If you see a snowmaker, now would be a good time to give him a hug and a hearty "Thank you!" for their hard work. Without our snowmakeers we would not be skiing at Timberline this weekend.

We also just announced our latest lift ticket deal which were calling a "Lift Up Sale". It works pretty much like the Pop-Up sales we did back in January but the offsite sales locations locations are different and we'll be donating $3 from every $35 lift ticket that we sell to the Vermont Foodbank. Their buying power is incredible, they can turn $1 into six meals, no matter how many coupons I clip I have not been able to come close to that. Basically, every lift ticket we sell at this sale will buy 18 meals for someone in need. So, you'll be "lifting up" 18 people with every lift ticket you buy.


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