Friday, February 8, 2013

It's snowing. A lot.

A week ago I was writing that we had to close for a day due to unfavorable conditions. And what a difference a week makes. A glance out the window gives you all the information you really need: It's snowing. A lot. 

This week we have benefited from two heavier than expected snowfalls, with 6 inches falling on Monday and 4 on Wednesday. Both snows helped refresh the terrain and give us a little extra something to pack down, aiding the base. And as of right now, we've picked up nearly 8 inches of snow from our current storm and it does not look to stop any time soon. The past 7 days have given us 18 inches of about a real change in the weather!
Trails and Conditions:
Our current trail count stands at 38 after only 8 inches of snow this morning. Add a foot of fresh snow or more to the mix and it's a whole new ballgame. If the snow continues as it is supposed to, we could have nearly all trails open off of Vista and Timberline as well as Snowflake and Mid-Mountain. There may be a few exceptions here and there, but it's looking promising. Wilderness is still in a bit of a holding pattern until we're really able to see what this storm does for us. But as soon as conditions allow, we will re-open Wilderness. Snow surfaces are rapidly turning to powder all over the mountain. 
Today you can catch Milo Greene in the tavern between 3-5pm as part of Ski and Ride with the Point. 
There's also tavern fun for everyone with the Dewey Drive Band from 8-11pm on Saturday in the JMT. Harpoon will be on special. And, Sunday means intellectual Olympics from 6-8pm as Mike Germano hosts trivia night!
Other Happenings:
The next few days are action packed, so check out the links below:
Saturday February 9th: American Lung Association Snowshow Shuffle 5K and it's another weekly installment of $19 night skiing and a movie with Bolton After Dark. We'll be showing Work It Out by Meathead Films.

See you on the hill, there will be plenty of snow waiting for you!!

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  1. And as of right now, we've picked up nearly 8 inches of snow from our current storm and it does not look to stop any time soon.