Friday, February 8, 2013

It's snowing. A lot.

A week ago I was writing that we had to close for a day due to unfavorable conditions. And what a difference a week makes. A glance out the window gives you all the information you really need: It's snowing. A lot. 

This week we have benefited from two heavier than expected snowfalls, with 6 inches falling on Monday and 4 on Wednesday. Both snows helped refresh the terrain and give us a little extra something to pack down, aiding the base. And as of right now, we've picked up nearly 8 inches of snow from our current storm and it does not look to stop any time soon. The past 7 days have given us 18 inches of about a real change in the weather!
Trails and Conditions:
Our current trail count stands at 38 after only 8 inches of snow this morning. Add a foot of fresh snow or more to the mix and it's a whole new ballgame. If the snow continues as it is supposed to, we could have nearly all trails open off of Vista and Timberline as well as Snowflake and Mid-Mountain. There may be a few exceptions here and there, but it's looking promising. Wilderness is still in a bit of a holding pattern until we're really able to see what this storm does for us. But as soon as conditions allow, we will re-open Wilderness. Snow surfaces are rapidly turning to powder all over the mountain. 
Today you can catch Milo Greene in the tavern between 3-5pm as part of Ski and Ride with the Point. 
There's also tavern fun for everyone with the Dewey Drive Band from 8-11pm on Saturday in the JMT. Harpoon will be on special. And, Sunday means intellectual Olympics from 6-8pm as Mike Germano hosts trivia night!
Other Happenings:
The next few days are action packed, so check out the links below:
Saturday February 9th: American Lung Association Snowshow Shuffle 5K and it's another weekly installment of $19 night skiing and a movie with Bolton After Dark. We'll be showing Work It Out by Meathead Films.

See you on the hill, there will be plenty of snow waiting for you!!


  1. And as of right now, we've picked up nearly 8 inches of snow from our current storm and it does not look to stop any time soon.

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