Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Photo taken on one particularly gorgeous Autumn day here at BV

I had a dream about snowboarding last night.

I brought my 2 decks into some random hypothetical shop to be tuned and waxed for the start of the season. Just a new layer of hot wax and an edge. No base grinds, beveling or rebuilding work - pretty simple stuff. So, I handed over my gear to the technician with the promise of, "No worries bro" and planned on returning later to pick it up.

Then, as dreams so often do, the scene magically transformed into "later" and I was once again standing in front of the same technician, eager to pick up my snowboards and get out on the hill to slash my favorite pow line. Imagine my surprise when the tech responded with "Uhh... we don't have any tuning equipment here yet, man... It's only October..."

Well, that about sums it up, doesn't it? Like many of you, I'm wicked excited to hop back on my favorite piece of wood & plastic and slide down some snow. For me, autumn just accelerates the anticipation of what's to come, and it's easy to look past the end of foliage, Halloween & Thanksgiving and move right into snowy thoughts. Now, don't get me wrong, I love your snowy thoughts. When they all get together with our staff's snowy thoughts and have a snowy thoughts party in the ethereal plane, it's awesome. So awesome that sometimes we get the snow gods to party with us too, and the heavy wet stuff falls for a month straight. But I digress...

The point of this story, and this dream, I think, is to be excited for winter, yes, but to also dial it back a little and enjoy the "Now". To enjoy things like the photo above, which wasn't taken today, but you get the idea. We live in a pretty wonderful place where scenes like this can occur and it's easy to take it for granted - to just keep looking ahead to the first major snowstorm and skiing & riding season. We're all stoked in our anticipation for another winter, but let's enjoy the shifting seasons, enjoy the lead-up and enjoy the anticipation. BV will still be here in two months, so for now, keep on dreaming of pillowy snow drifts, 100-foot kickers and stomach-clenching fall lines. They'll be here before you know it.

Plus, if we skipped ahead two months, you wouldn't have any time to get your All Access Season Passes, Powder Passes or sign your kids up for season-long lesson programs like Ridge Runners. You'd be standing there at the bottom of Vista on Day 1 thinking, "Whoops. Guess I should've thought about this back in October."



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