Friday, September 18, 2015

Seasons Change

It's a beautiful time of the year around Bolton Valley.  When the awkward temperatures mean sweatshirt weather in the morning and nearly succumbing to heat stroke by early afternoon.  Looking around at some of the fall foliage beginning to appear throughout the trees you can feel something is coming....WINTER!
Photo taken 9/17

As much as I enjoy this peaceful time of the year here at Bolton, we are all anxiously awaiting the return of all you skiers and riders.  So when your mind begins to drift off, daydreaming about that epic powder day last season in Devils Playground.  Just know we're here, waiting.

Don't forget the season pass deadline is just a few days away.  Set yourself up for the season with a Bolton Valley All Access Season Pass.  Passes are currently selling at a discounted rate, but after Monday, September 21, those rates will increase.  Get your pass today.


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