Friday, January 6, 2012

Weekend Lineup

Things are lining up nicely for a great weekend here at Bolton Valley. Here's a quick preview of what you can expect.

24 Trails and 4 Lifts for the Weekend: 
This past week we've seen temperatures staying below freezing point, with some scattered snow falls throughout the week. The snow, combined with the cold temperatures, have allowed us to open up about a dozen natural snow trails. We've added Hard Luck, Glades and Schuss to the list of open trails this week, providing some more variety for advanced skiers and riders.
The cold weather has allowed our snowmakers to make snow around the clock. They've been firing away on the Butterscotch Park and Sprig O' Pine. The goal is to open the Snowflake lift by Saturday. Next, our snowmakers will focus on Timberline Lane and Lower Villager, expanding the terrain for our beginner and intermediate skiers. The Butterscotch Park will be open as a featureless trail for the weekend and will remain that way for the next few weeks. We'll be moving the temporary terrain park that we've had set up on Sprig O' Pine to the Jungle Jib in the next few days. We will not have a park set up on Friday or Saturday.

Great Weather 
Saturday: Partly Cloudy with highs in the mid 30s.
Sunday: Partly Sunny with temps in the mid 20s. 

$19 Night Skiing on Saturday
We're kicking off Bolton After Dark this Saturday. Every Saturday you can start your evening off by skiing and riding on Vermont's most extensive night skiing terrain from 4-8pm for only $19. To sweeten the deal you can fill up on $2 Flatbread slices and wash it all down with a $2 soda or a $2 PBR drafts.  Typically we also show a free ski movie on Saturday night in Fireside Flatbread. However, this weekend and next that will be preempted by football. See the next paragraph for more details.

Football Central
Fireside Flatbread will be football central for the next couple of weekends for the playoffs. We'll be showing the games on a big screen projection television. There are two games on Saturday (4:30pm and 8pm) and two on Sunday (1pm and 4:30pm). 

Music and Trivia: 
Football not your thing? We've got you covered over in the James Moore Tavern. Blue Foxx will be performing live music from on Saturday night from 6-9pm. Trivia Night returns to Bolton Valley on Sunday at 6pm. Bring your team or form one with people you meet in the Tavern. Then compete against other teams for fun, honor, bragging rights, and prizes. 


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  15. Bolton Valley is offering a weekend of skiing, snowboarding, food specials, football viewing, live music, and trivia. The resort will offer 24 trails and 4 lifts, including new natural snow trails like Hard Luck, Glades, and Schuss for advanced skiers. Snowmakers are working on Butterscotch Park and Sprig O' Pine, with the Snowflake lift expected to open by Saturday. The weather is expected to be partly cloudy with highs in the mid-30s and partly sunny with temperatures in the mid-20s. Special events include Bolton After Dark on Saturday, where night skiing is available for $19. Fireside Flatbread will be transforming into a football haven, featuring playoff games on a large screen. Live music will be performed by Blue Foxx at the James Moore Tavern on Saturday. accidente de motocicleta


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