Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weekend Projections

We picked up 4-6 inches of snow on Friday and here on Saturday morning is it snowing lightly. Snow is expected to continue until early afternoon. We'll open the weekend on 41 trails and 5 lifts including Wilderness. That trail count may increase once patrol has had a chance to do their morning sweep to see if any other trails are in good enough condition to open. Tomorrow we expect to add Spillway to the list of open trails as snowmakers finish up their work on that trail. The next stop for our snowmakers is Timberline. They'll begin by blowing snow from the top of Timberline down Villager to Sure Shot and the upper portion of Timberline Run. After a few days of production there, they'll move the guns down Timberline Run and blow snow from the middle of Timberline Run to the base area.


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