Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thaw/Freeze Recovery

Recovery from the thaw/freeze cycle is under way. We are pleased to announce that the Jungle Jib will join our trail count at opening bell on Wednesday and we'll have the Butterscotch Park and Sprig O' Pine open by the time the lights come on for night skiing on Wednesday.
By doing a little math on a cocktail napkin we can project a trail count of nearly 30 by the weekend, and that's without any natural snow. Here's the quick version of how we'll get there. In addition to pulling out our original edition of 101 Snow Dances from Around the World, it'll be all about snowmaking and grooming. We started the recovery by grooming the trails that had a decent base depth thanks to snowmaking. We are now moving onto thinner areas to break up the icy snow and create a skiable surface. Those should be ready by the weekend. We are also making snow at Timberline in order to get a number of trails over there open by the weekend too. So, it looks like we'll be able to get the mountain back into decent shape relatively quickly. Throw in some natural snow (and there is some in the forecast over the next couple days) and things could get even better.

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