Friday, January 25, 2013

Weekend Warmth: Positive Digits!

Alert, newsflash, attention: It's cold!!! BRRRR. Oh, you already knew that? Okay, moving on. 
Friday Deal:
Coming to see us today, 1/25? If you're buying a full-priced lift ticket, you'll pick up a 50% off voucher for your next lift ticket this season. It's our way of rewarding your toughness. The cold is no match for you! 
Yup, it's cold. It's also winter. In Vermont. So, this is not necessarily a surprising phenomenon. We've had several days of very cold temperatures, and that trend looks to continue into the weekend. We should celebrate the fact that the temps could warm from anywhere between 4-14 degrees on Saturday and Sunday...that's a whole 20 some degrees warmer than our temps this week. It's also worth mentioning that we've picked up some small snowfalls and snow is in the forecast both Friday night and Saturday morning. Most long-range forecasts are calling for temperatures to get back to average at the start of next week. 
Trails and Conditions: 
Our trail count will pop up starting Friday as Timberline rejoins the roster. We project nearly 50 trails for the weekend, with favorites such as Hard Luck, Cobrass, Wood's Hole and Showtime. There will be plenty of terrain to choose from for folks of various ability levels. And with 5 lifts spinning this weekend, the traffic on the mountain should be spread out, making things all the more enjoyable. Wilderness will remain closed, which is a bummer. Unfortunately, there is just not enough natural snow for the upper section of that mountain. We would really appreciate a ginormous snowfall to kick Wilderness back in to high gear, but for right now, we're waiting on a snowpocalypse.
Snow surfaces are primarily packed powder and frozen granular. The snow remains fairly soft despite the cold temps and under that layer sits a very firm base. Sticking to the groomed stuff is again a good bet this weekend for the best possible skiing and riding. 
Events and Entertainment: 
  • Saturday the 26th is PHAT Helmet Day where you can get lots of great info on helmet use and enter the raffle for a free helmet giveaway. We're also offering 20% off helmets (and 30% off for season pass holders) at BV Sports.
  • We'll have another evening of Bolton After Dark with $19 night skiing, $2 draft beer, soda and flatbread slices. We’ll begin our film series with Head for the Hills from Meathead Films.
  • Starting at 8pm we host Lenny Noel to bring you into après ski paradise. PBR is on special and the tunes will keep you going until 11pm. 


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