Friday, March 1, 2013

Welcome to March

Thursday afternoon on Adam's Solitude. 
February was very kind to us at Bolton Valley. It seemed like every week we were readying ourselves for another generous snowfall! Here at the start of March we're poised to continue along with another beautiful month of skiing and riding, with a season snowfall total near 200 inches and plenty more winter in our future. 
Wednesday and early Thursday were key in bringing us some fresh snow, although we may not be done yet! We've picked up 7-9 inches of snow since Wednesday, but we could see a few more inches before the end of the day Friday. It would be really satisfying to cap off the week with a foot wouldn't it?!? Snow could also make an appearance on Saturday as well. The temperature is just plain great. We've been hovering right around 30 and look to stay there for the weekend. Winds don't seem to be much of a factor at this point as they shouldn't rise over 20 mph.
Trails and Conditions:
It's all amazing. I mean, I could just leave it at that, 'cause it's true. We are currently 100% open, with all 70 trails for you to get at. As you can imagine, the glades and all the nooks and crannies in the woods are skiing great. It's the stuff we wait for all year and now, it's here. In fact, multiple folks from patrols to groomers, to your little 'ol snow reporter all agree, these are the best conditions we've seen all season. Lots of powder, lots of packed powder, lots of epic hours on the hill. Enough said!
Saturday in the tavern you can catch the music of Lenny Noel from 8-11pm. Raise a pint of Wolaver's to toast the incredible snow. And of course it's Bolton After Dark as well, $19 night skiing and cheap eats in Fireside Flatbread starting at 4pm.
Sunday is another night of trivia with Mike Germano. Join us from 6-8pm. 
Starting today, you'll be able to take advantage of the absolute best possible pricing we'll have available on season passes for next year. And, by making your purchase now you ski and ride for the rest of the season, for FREE.
From tomorrow until April 1st our adult pass is $449. And when you buy an adult pass, you'll pay only $99 for a youth pass for kids ages 7-17.* You can even purchase multiple youth passes with your adult pass. Let's say you're Old Mother Hubbard...all the kids in that shoe are only $99 each. But for the smaller families among us, for instance a family of four with 2 adults and two dependent children, saves a whopping $360 by purchasing their passes before 4/1.
We have a few new pass options this year as well. First, we're offering a Night Pass that allows you to ski and ride from 4pm on into the evening for just $119. The owls are already talking about what a great value it is. And speaking of wisdom, we've changed up our senior passes a bit. We've not only lowered the prices, but we've lowered the age requirements too. For folks age 65-74, we have our Senior pass at $199 and for those age 75 and over, you'll ski season-long for just $29 with the Senior Plus pass. 
No, we're not kidding. Make your purchase before April Fool's Day to get the best possible pricing and ski and ride for free for the rest of this season. Prices will increase after 4/1, so snag your pass now.
*Child must be a dependent of the adult to be eligible for the $99 youth pass.  


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