Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Over the Hump

The second half of the winter, from Mid-February to mid-March, is my favorite half. It's, like, almost daylight when I drive in to work now, there's actually a few other humans up and around that early and it's not even dark when I clock-out! Snow keeps falling by the truckload, temperatures are starting to mellow out a little and yet there's still plenty of season left. Personalities start to come out both in people's clothing and their faces, and it's pretty difficult not to have a great time on the mountain. It's awesome.

We've added 2-4" in the last 24 hours, 7" since the time I last addressed you, and 45" in this month alone. We're about 98 percent open and I can say with confidence, that after testing our product extensively in the last week, these are the best conditions we've see all season. The groomers are soft and easy to edge, the trees are thin but fun with the proper caution, and we've let a few trails bump up, which adds a whole other dimension of enjoyment. Now, if only we could get this annoying wind to move out over the ocean where it belongs!

Pretty soon, it will be March, another snowy month for us, and, before you know it, April will come calling and we'll be skiing and riding in tee shirts again. The season goes faster than you think, folks. So make an effort to get up here and enjoy the next two months. There's plenty of snow to go around, and if history means anything, it's only going to get better from here. So get excited like the colorful guy in the photo above. It's the best two months of the year.

Get outside and play.


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