Wednesday, February 12, 2014

We're LIVE-TWEETING the Women's Snowboard Superpipe!

It may not be Sochi, but we've got some fun freestyle of our own.
What are you doing at 10am? Working? Fair enough. How about 12:30? Come on, that's your lunch break! Plenty of time to watch the women's snowboard superpipe final! You aren't fooling me.

I really hope you've been watching the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Despite so funny stories about facility issues, poor snow conditions and creepy bears that will haunt your dreams, the Games themselves have been pretty entertaining.

Two of my favorite events to watch are the men's and women's ski/snowboard superpipe and slopestyle events. I missed the men's events, since I couldn't figure out NBC's schedule of events, but I think I've sorted it out just in time for the women's pipe. I have a tremendous amount of appreciation for how difficult those tricks are and it's always so impressive to watch these incredible athletes just send it 20' out of the pipe and boost off 50' kickers. They're two of the most popular and exciting sports to watch, often igniting millions of comments from viewers all over the globe. So I thought, why not join in the conversation?

Follow @boltonvalley on Twitter for a live chat during the women's snowboard superpipe today. Use the official Olympic hashtag (#Sochi2014) as well as #BVSochi and chime in with your armchair analysis, observations and comments during each run. We'll follow along as the world's best vie for Olympic Gold!

Semifinals are live at 10am and the final begins at 12:30, according to NBC. You can stream the event online for free at


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