Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pond Skim set for March 29

Llllllllllllleeeeeeeeet's get ready to POND SKIMMMMMMMM!!!

It's nearly Spring (supposedly). It's been a long cold Winter. You're tired. You're sick of snow (maybe?). You just want to have a little fun in the sun, and maybe dress a bit wacky whilst doing so. What do you do?

The answer is, you join in our annual pond skimming contest, tentatively set for Saturday, March 29, weather permitting. That's 10 days from now. Yeah. It just got real. And you gotta come up with a BA costume to wear while you do it! That's half the fun. This year's theme is cartoon characters. Any cartoon you want, just keep it PG, kids. Entrance fee is $5 and the winner gets a FREE 2014-15 Season Pass!

Never been to a pond skim? It's exactly what it sounds like. Just like skipping rocks down at your local pond or lake. Except that the lake is a man-made four-foot deep puddle wrapped in plastic on the side of a mountain, the rocks are people on skis & snowboards, and you don't get to throw them. So, it's really nothing like skipping rocks. Except for the fact that both the rocks and the people skim across the water. So, it's kind of like skipping rocks. I'm done now, I swear.

Anywho, it's tons of fun and the goal is to get from one side of the pond to the other without wiping out fantastically. Although, that's kind of what we root for... Feel free to come watch if you're not skimming, just be prepared to get a little wet!


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