Saturday, March 8, 2014

Your Weekend Update

I'm assuming you've heard of 3D printing. If not, here's how it works. Basically, you imput a 3D design into a computer and it literally prints out whatever that design was using melted plastic. Your finished product is a 100% to-scale plastic model of whatever the design was. You can print anything: toys, phone cases, auto parts etc.

So, who cares? Well, as we've experimented more with this technology, now people are starting to get really creative. Two companies have now successfully 3D printed skis and snowboards.

Mind. Blown.

Signal Snowboards and Stratasys each wanted to experiment and see if the printers could create real, usable equipment, and how well it would hold up. Long story short, they took their products to Colorado and Tahoe, respectively, and it worked. It's now completely possible to create 3D printed skis and snowboards that actually rip down real terrain! Pretty cool, huh?

How's the snow?

I wish I could take that 3D printed snowboard down trails like Vermont 200 or Spillway (which have been excellent this week) and see how it performs. Speaking of those two steep favorites, they're just a small part of what's open this weekend. All six lifts are going 'round their bull-wheels and ropes are dropped on 67 runs across all three mountain faces. We're nearly 100% open and let me assure you - after doing some extensive product testing in the past 48 hours, I've never seen the mountain skiing this well. It might even top a powder day. Maybe. I'm not blowing smoke, folks. It's really, REALLY good out there right now.

A quick recap of my favorite runs yesterday - Adam's Solitude (yup!), Old Turnpike, Vista Glades, Spillway and Lower Tattle Tale. If you know this mountain, you know that covers a huge variety of terrain, meaning there really is something for everyone right now. And it's all great.


The mercury reached a high of 38 degrees yesterday and gave us a fantastic preview of what late-March is going to bring. This is why we love spring skiing and riding. It quickly turned into a no-jacket, no-gloves, funky sunglasses kind of day and everyone was loving it. After a winter of below-zero temps, 38 felt more like 68.

The next 48 hours aren't going to be as sunny, but we're looking at temps in the high 20's again today under mostly cloudy skies with a chance of flurries. On Sunday, things will get a little firm again when the thermometer reads temps in the teens, but it should be a little sunny again.

Not to get too excited here, but keep an eye on Thursday. We've seen a few weather models showing the possibility of another big storm headed our way. It's too far out to forecast right now, but something to stew on, for sure.

Grooming & Parks:

Our grooming staff deserves the highest praise this season. They've kept up the highest standards after a strange and bi-polar Winter, and the weekend should be no different. We groomed 42 trails last night so there should be soft, fun turns wherever you look. Like I said, Spillway has been fantastic, and cruisers like Cobrass and Wilderness Liftline are skiing great as well.

Both terrain parks are open and tons of fun. The Grom Park jumps got a little bigger in the last rebuild and our crew added some new features. Over in the Jungle, Anthony, Jeremy and the guys are ready to put on a youth park clinic today, beginning at 10 a.m. for kids who want some tips or help with their freestyle acrobatics. They're great guys who really know what they're doing, so check it out if you need a little advice. 

What's Going On:

Ski & Ride New England Party: Head up to the Tavern from 8-11 p.m. where there will be over $2000 of giveaways, including a pair of skis. Gift cards, goggles, tee shirts, and more! Harpoon wil be on special from the tap and there's also a raffle to benefit Children's Hostpital at Dartmouth.
Bolton After Dark: $19 night skiing on Saturday evening, followed by $2 pizza slices and sodas at Fireside Flatbread.
50/50 Mondays: Guests over 50 years of age receive 50% off every Monday at the following locations: Lift tickets, BV Sports, rentals, Ski & Ride School group lessons, JMT special lunch menu.
Subaru & Hyundai Days: Ski for FREE when you present your registration at Guest Services! Next date is scheduled for Friday, March 14.


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