Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Events

It’s safe to say that we have had some wild weather this winter. A couple of weeks ago temps were in the 60s. Then before you know it, we got nearly 5 feet of snow. Thanks to these wild weather swings our spring event calendar has been a bit fluid. 

We initially had Pond Skimming planned for April 1, but when temps were hitting 60 in early March, we started to worry that we would not have enough snow left to pull it off on April 1. So, we moved the event up to March 25 and then bumped the Banked Slalom to Sunday, March 26. March 25 and 26 is the weekend of the Spring Thing and we saw Pond Skimming as a way to pack the weekend with events and festivities.

However, since we made that call we received nearly five feet of snow, which give us confidence that we can run Pond Skimming on the weekend of April 1 and 2. Also, the forecast for this weekend, March 25, looks a bit chilly for Pond Skimming. 

In an effort to let us provide the best possible day for Pond Skimming we will hold Pond Skimming on either April 1 or 2. We'll make a call and announce the final date on Tuesday, March 28 based on the forecast for the weekend.

The Banked Slalom has been moved up to Saturday, March 25 and the Snurfer Challenge will be held on Sunday, March 26.


  1. Definitely can get difficult to plan events with this unpredictable weather however I'm glad everything is working out for you. Hope your event goes well and looking forward to more updates.

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