Friday, March 17, 2017

Winter Storm Stella: 58" in 72 Hours

There are few words to describe what the past few days have been like. Winter Storm Stella rolled in with a vengeance Tuesday with copious amounts of snow. It may have passed now, but not before leaving behind a jaw-dropping 58". The Weather Channel has pegged us with the highest snow totals in the Northeast from the storm. I may be young, but personally I've never come close to experiencing the deepness of the snow and face shots that were to be had yesterday. Myths of powder that's so deep you have trouble breathing have been uttered in the James Moore Tavern before. But yesterday that myth became a reality. Don't forget that 2017-18 Season Passes are now on sale and you can ski and ride for free this season when you purchase next years pass. Check out the video below that was shot yesterday.

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    I always wanted to skiing. Looking at this, it does make me feel wonderful about it. Thanks for the share!