Friday, April 21, 2017

The Welcome Home Sale

Ralph DesLauriers founded Bolton Valley in 1966 and ran the mountain until the late 1990’s. After a 20 year hiatus Ralph has re-purchased the mountain with his son and daughter, Evan and Lindsay DesLauriers, and a small group of local investors. The three DesLauriers family members live slopeside at Bolton Valley and we're thrilled to have the DesLauriers family back home at Bolton Valley.

We'd like to invite you to join the DesLauriers' this season and we're excited to announce the Welcome Home Sale for 2017-18 Bolton Valley All Access Season Passes. Season passes for next winter had been on sale through early April at the lowest prices at which they are offered; the Welcome Home Sale extends that deadline through April 30.

A regular adult All-Access pass can be purchased for just $489 and passes for anyone age 7-17 start at $99. Bolton Valley's Ski Bum Pass, for anyone age 18-25, is also on sale for just $159.

Passes will be on sale at these special rates through Sunday, April 30. A complete list of pass products and rates is available online.


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