Sunday, December 22, 2013

New England Weather is Weird

"I'm never going to listen to the weather guys again!"

I say this to myself every year, and every year I break that vow. It usually only takes a week or so. This season, it happened in December.

Seriously though, what a weird December this has been. It was bitterly cold early on with plenty of sunshine, then it warmed up a bit, only to drop back down to single digits once again. Then Winter Storm Electra hit us with 18-20" of fresh pow pow, and now we're in the aftermath of a 50 degree day and an overnight ice storm. All in the span of a week. It doesn't get any more strange than that, folks.

As I'm sitting in my office at 8 a.m., we still plan to open today, but it will be delayed. There are some downed power lines across the road just after Timberline Base Lodge, and right now, traffic can't pass that point in the road. Ski Patrol and operations staff have opened Timberline Lodge for anyone trying to get up the hill this morning, and crews are on the scene now trying to fix the issue, so don't rush up here this morning, unless you just really miss sitting inside Timberline.

Once the road is cleared, we'll still need Patrol and Mountain Ops to sweep the trails and assess snow conditions before we can make a final decision on what will be open today. Until then, sit tight, enjoy an extra cup of coffee or tea or whatever tickles your fancy, and we'll have more updates for you on the snow report soon.



  1. i have been in your shoes countless times! its like the weather guys can never get it right! the weather where i live is quite unpredictable too and it gets annoying.

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