Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saturdays are for Skiing & Riding

Weekend warriors, ASSEMBLE!

T.G.I.S., right? Everybody knows Saturdays are way better than Fridays. Time seems to freeze and the world is, quite literally, your playground. There's so much to do on Saturday, plus, you know you've still got Sunday ahead of you before the anvil that is Monday gets dropped on you again. On Saturday, everything feels right. So, why not come join us for a little skiing and riding?

Shameless plug, I know, but seriously, you love skiing and riding, we love having you here with us - it's a match made in nature. Don't fight it. Embrace it. And, did I mention that we've seen 3-5" of new snow in the past 48 hours? Or that we've opened another lift and 3 more trails since yesterday? Yeah, that should do it.

It's currently 25 degrees here at the base and 22 at the top, and we expect it to stay right around those temperatures through the afternoon before starting to rise a bit this evening. Yesterday turned out to be a little colder than anticipated, but it seems like today should be a bit more mild, and not quite as windy. If you're coming up for night skiing, you should see temps in the high 20s.

How's the Snow:
Honestly, it's skiing quite well. We don't have any natural snow trails open at the moment (because Mother Nature wiped those out last weekend) but we're expanding trail counts and lifts every few days. Snowflake is the latest lift added to our report, running 9 a.m. - 8 p.m. today, which also allows us to open Sprig 'O Pine, Lower Villager and Timberline Lane.

Alta Vista has been excellent all week, thanks to the hard work of our snowmakers early this season, and some of the best snow on the mountain is on and around Big Corner (the hairpin left turn after Alta Vista and Sherman's meet up). Beech Seal is hard and fast, just like a race hill should be, and the Jungle Jib's 11 features were riding very well yesterday with a fresh layer of fluff on top.

What's Going On:
We're going to finish making snow on Butterscotch today, so we expect to have that trail for tomorrow, and keep an eye on Foxy and Lower Foxy as well. They're almost ready to go. It's going to get warm tonight, so the guys will get a well-deserved night off while we let the weather pass. Once that's done, our they'll move up to Spillway and light that up Sunday night. We've got a few new techniques for making snow on Spillway/Hard Luck this year, and we're really pumped to see how they turn out. Look for that trail later next week.

It's also Holiday Week! That means bonfires, free hot chocolate, snowshoe tours, inflatable bouncy thingys for the kids, and our Torchlight Parade and Fireworks Show on New Year's Eve. Grab a seat by James Moore Tavern for the best view of the parade coming down the hill.

We've also got Bolton After Dark, College Days, Corporate Race League and Night Riders starting up soon, so keep an eye out for those events and get up here to enjoy them!


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