Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wake Up - It's Wednesday!

It. Just. Keeps. Snowing.

Seriously, I have yet to come to work this winter on a bright blue, sunny day. And, to be honest, I'm quite OK with that. Now, if some of this fluff can turn into the heavy, wet stuff, we'll really be in business.

Let's be honest, yesterday wasn't the most fun day to ascend a mountain. Now, I'm not saying it wasn't any fun, but it certainly couldn't have been much. Like most sane people, I barricaded myself indoors as soon as I saw the -18 on my thermometer. No bueno. Fortunately, it was my day off and that's an acceptable thing to do. But I digress.

Now that yesterday's bitter cold has moved on, it's comfortable up here in the upper teens. The forecast calls for increasing temperatures through this weekend with some sunny weather on the way as well. I'll believe it when I see it.

How's the skiing:
Our snowmaking crews have really had their "A" game thus far. We've been open for a total of six days and already I've heard people calling this "some of the best early season conditions" they've ever seen. Alta Vista is open earlier than we've ever seen it, and it's skiing great, to boot. Sherman's is holding up well for being the main highway down to the base, and after Winter Storm Electra dumped 7-9" on us, folks have been finding some sweet powder stashes all over the hill. Really, if you're in the area, I highly suggest beating the holiday rush and getting in some turns in the next few days. And it only gets better from here.

What's Going On:
This week, it starts. Night skiing commences tonight, with skiing and riding on five trails. Saturday, we're doing a "soft start" of Bolton Valley After Dark. Originally slated to begin in January, we wanted to throw one of these mini-parties earlier in the season. We'll screen "Snow Gods" from Meathead Films at Fireside Flatbread, which will now be open for the season.

Don't forget to check out the 12 Deals of Christmas sale going on at BV Sports! Every day one pre-selected item will be discounted until Christmas Day. Sort of like an advent calendar. But with outerwear.

Looking ahead a little, Holiday Week happenings will begin on Dec. 26 with fun family events each day until New Year's Day, culminating in our annual Torchlight Parade on New Year's Eve.


  1. how are things progressing on Timberline? any estimated opening date?

  2. Bob - no updates as of yet. Snowmaking crews had planned on trying to get it open in the next week or two, but this weekend's freezing rain and warm temps severely hindered that plan. We'll reassess everything once the weather has cleaned up, and we should have a better idea of when we'll get down to Timberline in the coming days. Thanks for checking in.

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